Bonsai III, Trumpeted Superior Fit Tube, Non-convertible, Single 1st Molar MBT 0.022

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• American Orleans Bonsai™ Direct Bond Buccal Tube Line offers miniaturized cast buccal tubes with rounded surfaces for exceptional patient comfort and acceptance.

• Torque-in-base buccal tube designs for easier alignment with optimal functional occlusion and case finishing.

 • Smooth recessed convertible caps reduce the likelihood of soft tissue irritation.

• Headgear tubes also incorporate a distinctive tie wing design for secure ligation following archwire slot conversion.

• Convertible buccal tubes incorporate a true “twin” bracket tie wing design to aid in ligation.

Achieve a stronger, more consistent bond with American Orleans Bonsai™ Series direct bond buccal tubes. Featuring an 80 gauge mesh base in three different pad configurations our Bonsai™ Series direct bond buccal tubes are sure to meet all of your treatment needs. Our various pad styles feature molded compound contour bases which provide correct anatomical fit and appliance expression. These features, when combined with our 80 gauge foil mesh base, increase bond strength.

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