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Our patent-pending, non-slip design is about to change what you think about crimpable archwire stops and hooks.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY! Once crimped, Stops and Hooks remain securely in place due to the patent-pending, etched surface! Crimpable split archwire stops and hooks are designed to work with any type or size of wire, from nickel titanium to stainless steel, .012 to .021 x .025. No longer will you have to maintain an inventory of several different sizes of hooks and stops or waste valuable chair time deciding what size to use. Stops and hooks are your solution to every situation a crimpable stop or hook is needed.

 • non-slip design

• limit tooth movement

• maintain proper wire position

• reduce emergency visits

• provide anchorage

• place without removing wire

• ideal for use with nickel titanium wire

• eliminate the need for welding

 • fits any size wire

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