Microetcher Intraoral Sandblaster II

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INTRA-ORAL SANDBLASTER The introduction of the original MicroetcherTM intraoral sandblaster changed chairside bonding forever. The advent of the Microetcher II allowed for precision micro roughening and featured a removable and autoclavable nozzle. We’ve made major internal improvements to the Microetcher II in order to afford enhanced performance at lower pressure levels. The patented nozzle configuration is slimmer in profile allowing greater visibility during intraoral use, can rotate 360o and is interchangeable with the Microetcher II nozzle options. The Microetcher IIA is designed to limit abrasive use, in order to minimize dust in your operatory.

• Fully autoclavable body and nozzle.

• Compatible with Microetcher II nozzle options.

• Effective at pressures as low as 45psi.

• 30% reduction in abrasive use.

• Ergonomically designed nozzle to improve intraoral vision.

• Improves bond strength up to 400%.

 • Precise control for intraoral use.

• Rapid bonding prep with failures greatly reduced.

• Ideal for orthodontic and other appliances.

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